List of Technical Reports

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"A new model for behavioral customer segmentation" (With E. Moreno-Centeno, R.A. Catena and P. Yelland). UC Berkeley manuscript 2008.

"The inverse shortest paths problem". manuscript Jan 2004.

"Improving robustness in data mining with pairwise rankings" Manuscript 2005.

"Aggregate rankings and the inverse equal paths problem", June 2005

"The Pseudoflow algorithm: A new algorithm and a new simplex algorithm for the maximum flow problem ". Manuscript, April 1997.

"The Pseudoflow-simplex algorithm for the maximum flow problem". Manuscript 1998.

"A linear time approximation scheme for the makespan problem". (with D. Shmoys). Manuscript, June 1996.

"A framework for half integrality and good approximations." Manuscript UC Berkeley, April, (1996).

"Polynomiality, Strong Polynomiality and NP-hardness of Nonlinear Network Optimization" August 1995.

Dorit S. Hochbaum and Anu Pathria. LU-matching. November 1994. UC Berkeley Manusript.

"Node-Optimal Connected k-Subgraphs," (with Anu Pathria). Manuspcript, August (1994).

"Components Assembly in the Semiconductor Industry," (with O. Goldschmidt, and G. Yu), Technical Report, Department of IE\&OR, University of California at Berkeley, May (1993).

"Can a System of Linear Diophantine Equations be Solved in Strongly Polynomial Time?" (with Anu Pathria). January (1995).

"Scheduling of Photolithographic Machines in the Production of Semiconductor Chips," with Dan Landy.

"On a Polynomial Class of Nonlinear Integer Optimization Problems," manuscript, August 1989, revised May 1992.

"An Extension of Tardos' Algorithm to Linear Programming" (with H. Narayanan), December 1984.

"A Greedy Algorithm for the Minimum 3-Cut Problem and Its Worst- Case Bound" (with L. Tsai), Working Paper No. IP-318, in Economic Theory and Econometrics, U.C. Berkeley, September 1983. Revised June (1990).

"Fast Approximation Algorithms for the Robot Placement Problem" (with W. Maass), University of California, Berkeley, March 1983.

"Edge Coloring Multigraphs Is Easier than It Seems" (with D. Shmoys), manuscript, 1983.

"Fast Approximation Algorithms for Some Integer Programming Problems," GSIA Working Paper No. 21-80-81, October 1980 (under revision).

"A Note about the Empirical Performance of Khachiyan's Algorithms," October 1979.

"A Note about the Integrality of the Set Covering Problem," February 1981.

"Comparison between Heuristics for Hard Problems," GSIA Working Paper No. 41-80-81, Carnegie-Mellon University, February 1981.

"The Distribution of Storage-Constrained Databases in a Computer Network," GSIA Working Paper No. 76-79-80, June 1980.

"The Probabilistic Asymptotic Properties of Some Combinatorial Geometric Problems," GSIA Working Paper No. 30-79-80, October 1979.

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